About Delalle




Your Exclusive Luxury Eyewear


“My designs express who I am and what inspires me; allowing me to keep dreaming and to transform my imagination into reality.” Nadine Dalal, Creative Director.

Inspired by nature, statement fashion, pop culture and contemporary art history, Delalle sunglasses will complete your unique sense of style, and help express your personality. Each pair of these luxury shades presents a distinctive flair, brought forth by a seamless merging of inspiration and contemporary culture, materializing in a high-quality product that is at once cutting-edge, distinct and trendy.

Delalle sunglasses are simply all about quality, concept and design. Conceived in London, each frame is handcrafted using highly polished acetate, fine metal and pioneering lenses. And because colors, lenses and effects will never repeat, each style is created as a limited edition collection emanating luxury and innovation. 

The collections range in styles, featuring dramatic cat-eyes as well as minimal and geometric flat-surfaced frames. They oscillate – along with their designer – between dreamy and bold, fantastical and graphic.  With sleek designs that echo an eclectic, modern and fearless spirit, they will awaken the thrill-seeker, risk-taker and dreamer in you.

Quickly becoming a staple of the luxury eyewear market, Delalle is ever-expanding, and ever-growing. As the pioneering Lebanese eyewear designer, Delalle launches new designs every season and a special pair of statement sunglasses released annually. The brand always stays ahead of the trends, remaining a fashionable manifestation of the zeitgeist.